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Hair Extensions

Extreme Lengths Stylists: Hair Extensions in Cheltenham

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Please call us today on 01242 300571 for stress-free hair extensions. If you are thinking about hair extensions, consult one of our experts. We are pleased to offer a complete service for all your hair extension needs. Our experienced professionals can guide you to the right solution. Please call us today to let us meet your hair extension needs.

Hair Extensions in Cheltenham

In Cheltenham, when additional hair is added to the existing hair to make it look longer or different, it is known as hair extension. Depending on your choice, one can either fix with a ponytail, glue or weave these extensions to existing hair. Extensions come in all colours and styles and are made from either human hair or synthetic fibres. Hair extension is a great way of changing your appearance without having to cut or change the natural hair. Many people are going in for hair extensions all over Cheltenham irrespective of gender and age.

Methods of Hair Extensions in Cheltenham

The most prevalent method of hair extension in Cheltenham involves attaching strands of real or fake hair, one-by-one, to small sections of one's own hair. Various methods, involving glue, heat fusion, waxes or polymers, can be used to attach hair extensions. In weft hair extension, to put it in simple terms, the extension hair is sewed like a curtain under the natural hair, so that the weft is not visible. This method can be done using a machine, but when done manually, it not only is better looking but also stays in for longer. In six to eight weeks, natural hair growth tends to damage the hair extensions, which will need to be checked or redone, depending on the condition.

Are Hair Extensions in Cheltenham an Ideal Way of Obtaining a New Look?

Hair extensions are not only a major breakthrough in the fashion industry in {{GEO4},} they are also easy to change and fit. You can change your appearance in the simplest way by using extensions, for instance if you have short hair and want longer hair. Hair extensions can be the perfect solution for people with thin hair in certain areas of the scalp or are bald. If one is bored of the hairstyles one has tried, hair extensions can open a new world of choices. In most cases it is not possible to differentiate between hair extensions and natural hair, with some extensions very easy to clip on and off.

Getting Your Hair Extended in Cheltenham

As it is a specialised field, it requires a professional to perform the job. There are many salons in Cheltenham providing hair extension services. There are certain methods, involving glue or the use of heat, which need to be carefully carried out in order to avoid damaging the hair, hence the need for experienced professional. The cost of maintaining hair extensions needs to be considered before having them. It's important to go to the right salon in order to get the highest-quality extensions.

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